The Group Services Committee provides, as a service, the opportunity for any new group to register with General Service in New York, Intergroup and Central Office in Toledo, and Area 55 General Service. For the groups informational purpose, we provide Group pamphlets and information on the Traditions – which are guidelines to all groups.

The Committee also provides the District Committee Member (DCM) with assistance for any group that wishes us to visit their group conscience meeting in trying to find a solution to any problem they might be having. For any A.A. group within a district that does not have a DCM, we act as a liaison between Area 55 and that group.

The Committee also makes available audio equipment and a projector, for anniversaries and events. We also offer films and videos on Alcoholics Anonymous to be used during an event.

Committee Meetings

Date/Time: Third Sunday of every month at 12 noon, prior to the General Service Assembly
Location: Senior Center, 2308 Jefferson Ave, Toledo, Ohio

Contact the Chair

The chair of the Archives Committee is Dalan S. You can email the committee at

Want to use the audio equipment at your event?

Upon request the committee will come to your A.A. groups anniversary or special event to set up the audio equipment or projector.  Please give us a two week notice to plan our attendance. If you would like your event listed in the General Service Announcements, please give us four weeks notice. Please email the Group Services Chair at for more information. Equipment is available on a first reservation, first reserved basis. (e.g., the entity that contacts group services first for an event scheduled on a particular date will be provided equipment before those that make contact at a later time).

What equipment is available?

A speaker system and microphones are available to allow multiple speakers to be heard in any event location. A projector is available to show films or video.

What films and videos are available?

Filmstrips include:

  • Circle of Love and Service
  • Your G.S.O. Today
  • Markings of a Journey – The Archives of A.A. – P.O. Box 459

Videos include:

  • A.A. Rap with Us
  • Bill’s Own Story
  • Hope A.A.
  • A.A. – An Inside View
  • Bill Discusses the 12 Traditions
  • Young People in A.A.
  • It Sure Beats Sitting in a Cell
  • Markings of a Journey
  • Carrying the Message Behind These Walls
  • Your A.A. General Service Office, the Grapevine and General Service Structure