The District 6 DCM position is vacant. If interested in becoming District 6’s DCM, send an email to

Groups within District 6 include:

Group Name Location Name Accessibility Address Sunday Mtg. Monday Mtg. Tuesday Mtg. Wednesday Mtg. Thursday Mtg. Friday Mtg. Saturday Mtg.
Clean Air Group St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church 5240 Talmadge, Toledo, OH 7:00PM(O)(12×12)
Clean Sweep Group St. Luke’s Lutheran Church 1690 W Sterns Rd, Temperance, MI 7:30PM(C)(AA Literature)
Desperately Seeking Sobriety Group Our Saviour Lutheran Church Across from Whitmer High School 2820 W. Alexis Rd, Toledo, OH 7:00PM(O)(Discussion)
Jackman Road Group Local 14 – Uaw Hall 5411 Jackman, Toledo, OH 10:00 AM
Ida’s Road To Recovery Group St. Joseph Catholic Church (parish hall) 8295Van Aiken Rd, Ida, MI 8:00PM(C)(Discussion)
Sylvania Friday Night Disc Grp Olivet Lutheran Church 5840 Monroe Street, Sylvania, OH 8:30PM(C)(DISCUSSION)
Sylvania Morning Sickness Group Advent Lutheran Church McCord Rd and Sylvania Ave; Wheelchair accessible 6735 Sylvania Ave, Sylvania, OH 7:00AM(O)(Discussion) 7:00AM(O)(Big Book Study) 7:00AM(O)(Discussion) 7:00AM(O)(12×12) 7:00AM(O)(Discussion) 7:00AM(O)(Discussion)
Sylvania Sunday Night Group United Church Of Christ Wheelchair accessible 7240 Erie Street, Sylvania, OH 8:30 PM
Women Enjoying Sobriety Today Group St. Michael’s Episcopal Church 4618 Brittany Rd, Toledo, OH 7:30PM(C)(Women’s Disc.)