The District 3 DCM is David G.

Contact David at

Groups within District 3 include:

Group Name Location Name Accessibility Street Address City Sunday Mtg. Monday Mtg. Tuesday Mtg. Wednesday Mtg. Thursday Mtg. Friday Mtg. Saturday Mtg.
Good News Group Bay Park Community Hospital 2801 Bay Park Dr. Oregon, OH 2:00PM(O)(Discussion)
Eastside Priority Group Bethlehem Lutheran Church Wheelchair accessible 106 W Plummer Toledo, OH 43605 8:00PM(O)(Speaker)
Eastside 12 & 12 Group Memorial United Church of Christ 1301 Starr Ave Toledo, OH 43605 7:00PM(C)(Disc./12×12)
Front Street Group T. Whitehead Recovery Center Wheelchair accessible 2044 Genesee Street Toledo, OH 43605 2:00PM(O)(Discussion) 8:00PM(O)(Lead) 12:00PM(C)(Discussion) 8:00PM(O)(Big BookStudy) 8:00PM(O)(12×12 Disc.) 12:00PM(O)(Discussion) 8:00PM(O)(Dioscussion) 8:00PM(O)(Lead) 10:00AM(O)(Discussion) 10:00PM(O)(Mini-Leads) 2:00PM(O)(Discussion) 8:00PM(O)(Steps 1-2-3)
Guides To Progress Group St. Mark Lutheran Church Wheelchair accessible 649 Elmore St. Toledo, OH 43605 7:30PM(O)(Big Book Study)
Living Sober Group Northwood Church Of God Wheelchair accessible 1838 South Coy & Curtice Northwood, OH 7:30PM(O)(12×12/BB/Disc.)
Millbury 12 & 12 Group St. Peters United Church Of Christ Cherry & Main Millbury, OH 7:00PM(O)(12×12 )
Navarre Park Group Navarre Park Shelter Wheelchair accessible White Street Toledo, OH 8:00PM(O)(Lead)
Walbridge On The Right Track Main Street Church 705 Main Street Walbridge, OH 43465 7:30PM(O)(Discussion)
Oregon Happy Hour Prince of Peace Lutheran Church 4155 Pickle Rd Oregon, OH 43616 2:00PM(O)(Audio BB Study)
Oregon Mens Closed Group Oregon Municipal Building (Rec Room) 5330 Seaman Road Oregon, OH 7:00PM(C)(Men’s Discussion)
Oregon Time For Us Group Oregon Municipal Building (Community Room) 5331 Seaman Road Oregon, OH 43605 12:00PM(O)(Discussion)
Reality Check Group Oregon Municipal Bldg. 5330 Seaman Rd. Toledo, OH 43616 12:00PM(O)(Discussion)
Reno Beach Sobriety Group St. Luke’s Lutheran Church 205 Yondota St Curtice, OH 43412 6:00PM(O)(Discussion)
Rossford Group Rossford United Methodist Chruch 270 Dixie Highway Rossford, OH 8:30PM(O)(Discussion)
Oregon St Charles St Charles Hospital Oregon Room Wheelchair accessible 2600 Navarre Oregon, OH 43616 7:30PM(O)(Discussion)
Starlight Group Echo Meadows Church Of Christ Wheelchair accessible 2905 Starr Avenue Oregon, OH 7:30PM(O)(Disc./Big Book)
Oregon Hope Hope Community Church 5650 Starr Ave. Oregon, OH 12:00PM(O)(12X12)
Women Helping Women East Toledo Family Center 1020 Varland Toledo, OH 6:00PM(W)(O)(Discussion)