The District 17 DCM position is vacant. If interested in becoming District 17’s DCM, send an email to


Groups within District 17 include:


Group Name

Location Name Accessibility Street Address City Sunday Mtg. Monday Mtg. Tuesday Mtg. Wednesday Mtg. Thursday Mtg. Friday Mtg. Saturday Mtg.
Carey Group Christ Lutheran Church   116 W Findlay St Carey, OH     7:30PM(O)(Discussion)     8:00PM(O)(Discussion)  
Cherry Street Open Lead Group Howard Methodist Church   220 Cherry St Findlay, OH         8:00PM(O)(Speaker)    
Early Bird Group Pioneer Club   221 East Pine Ave Findlay, OH   6:30AM(C)(Discussion) 6:30AM(C)(Discussion) 6:30AM(C)(Discussion) 6:30AM(C)(Discussion) 6:30AM(C)(Discussion) 7:30AM(C)(Big Book)
Findlay Happy Hour A.A. Group Seventh Day Adventist Church (back door) 622 W Melrose Findlay, OH 5:30PM(O)(Discussion) 5:30PM(C)(Discussion) 5:30PM(C)(Discussion) 5:30PM(C)(Discussion) 5:30PM(O)(Big Book) 5:30PM(C)(Discussion) 5:30PM(C)(Discussion)
Findlay Original Closed Group Trinity Episcopal Annex   519 Cory St Findlay, OH   8:00PM(C)(Discussion) 8:00PM(C)(Discussion) 8:00PM(C)(Big Book Study) 8:00PM(C)(Discussion) 8:00PM(C)(Discussion) 8:00PM(C)(Discussion)
Findlay Tuesday Nite Closed Gp Trinity Episcopal Church Annex   519 South Cory Findlay, OH     8:30 PM        
Fresh Start New Comers Group College First Church of God   1100 N Main St Findlay, OH   10:00 AM   10:00 AM   10:00 AM  
High Noon – Findlay Group No Meeting Place Furnished   221 East Pine St Findlay, OH 12:00 PM 12:00 PM 12:00 PM 12:00 PM 12:00 PM 12:00 PM 12:00 PM
Jail House Juggernauts Group (p) Hancock County Jail   200 W Crawford St Findlay, OH              
Keep It Simple Group Pioneer Club   221 E Pine St Findlay, OH       7:00 PM      
North Baltimore Tues Nite Grp St Marys Church   115 East Cherry St North Baltimore, OH     8:00PM(O)(BB/Disc.)        
Sunday 10:30 A.M. Group Pioneer Club   221 East Pine Ave Findlay, OH 10:30AM(O)(Speaker)            
Sycamore A.A. Group United Church Of Christ   300 S Sycamore St Sycamore, OH 8:00PM(O)(Discussion)            
The Old School Group Catalyst Church   410 E Sandusky St Findlay, OH 7:00PM(C) 7:00PM(C)   7:00PM(C)      
Upper Sandusky Mon Open Discussion Gp First Lutheran Church   601 N Sandusky St Upper Sandusky, OH   7:30PM(O)(Discussion)          
Upper Sandusky Noon Group 1st Lutheran Church   601 N Sandusky St Upper Sandusky, OH     12:30 PM   12:30 PM    
Wednesday Night Closed Big Book Grp Trinity Episcopal Church   519 S Cory St Findlay, OH       8:00PM(C)(Big Book)      
Women’s By The Book Group Unitarian Universalist Church   2415 D N Main St Findlay, OH     6:45 PM        
Women’s A.A. Jail Group (p) Hancock City Jail   200 W Crawford St Findlay, OH     1:00 PM