Annual Delegate Report from General Service Conference

  1. 65th General Service Conference - April 19-25, 2015

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Monthly Area 55 Delegate's Report

Report from the May 20, 2018 Area 55 General Service Assembly

Henry C. presented his report as Delegate for Panel 68. Henry discussed his trip to New York as the experience as a delegate. He was able to sit in a non-conference meeting regarding Remote Communities including places that can only be traveled to by boat/plane along with military bases assisting alcoholics. He explained when his name was called and he said present it was emotional to be recognized by GSO serving our area. When he provided his highlights he didn't at first know if he belonged but when he finished he realized this is where he was to be. He was elected as alternate chair of the Finance Committee. Comments were limited to one minute at the microphone this year. That motion had passed. There were 7 floor actions out of 9 presented that came to a vote. He was able to visit the finance section of GSO as well as the archives in the office. He explained that online contributions use approximately 10 times less resources to process than mail contributions. Approximately 10% of contributions come in online, however that has increased steadily since that started. He also explained the electronic voting process. Friday, the final session went into 1130pm, this also included the farewell remarks given by outgoing delegates. Saturday after the farewell brunch, they were able to visit Stepping Stones. He explained how emotional the photos he was able to take and seeing it brought him at times to tears. He recommended anyone having the opportunity to visit it and the GSO office. The final report will be made available June 1 and his report on voting will be presented at the June General Service Assembly as well as Unity Day. Respectfully Submitted, Henry C., Panel 68, Area 55 Delegate.