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  1. 65th General Service Conference - April 19-25, 2015

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Report from the February 18, 2018 Area 55 General Service Assembly

Henry C. present his report as Delegate for Panel 68. GSO contributions. $13,050.60 was given to GSO. This entails 30.61% of groups and 15 of 17 districts donated in 2017. Henry has been invited to a non-conference committee for the Military as a remote community while at the General Service Conference in New York. The 2030 International Convention is being re-bid at this time, only 2 bids met the requirements. Cleveland was eliminated due to no domed stadium in case of rain. The only eligible due to the 2020 in Detroit would be Indianapolis. This would be bid by Area 23, Southern Indiana for the 2030 International Convention. He requested a motion from the body to write a letter of support for a bid by Indianapolis to host in 2030. The motion of support made by Bill W., GSR-Eastside 12x12, 2nd by Wendy S., GSR-Ottawa Open Discussion, approved unanimously. Henry explained his recent trip to the CDPP how that process works as well as many contacts made throughout the weekend. The flyers from the State Convention and Mini Conference flyers were replenished twice over that weekend. He also explained his responsibilities as Chair of the Ohio State Convention Planning Committee as delegate of the host area. He also was sitting on an ad-hoc committee discussing changing the current State Convention rotation which would mean only a 2nd year delegate would host. The 2nd item is that the host area in years of the International Convention would have the option not to hold the State Convention in lieu of the International instead. Henry explained the work that had to go into as a 1st year delegate to attend the CDPP, the Area Mini Conference, the General Service Conference and a state convention. Henry gave updates on the planning for the 2018 OSC to be held July 27-29 2018 at French Quarter in Perrysburg. We also will have flyers available after the Area 55 Mini Conference. He also advised that the Area 55 Mini Conference agenda was set and committee chairs would receive their background info as well as agenda items in the coming days. Henry received an invite to a panel at the East Central Regional Conference in Kalamazoo, MI in August 24-26 2018. He will be speaking on Participation for All in AA. Henry asked for as much support as possible for the Mini Conference including registrations and banquets especially to meet quotas with the facility. Henry explained the background material being sent is ourselves attempting to improve the process for chairpersons being more informed for their panels. Respectfully Submitted, Henry C., Area 55 Panel 68 Delegate.