Annual Delegate Report from General Service Conference

  1. 65th General Service Conference - April 19-25, 2015

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Monthly Area 55 Delegate's Report

Report from the June 24, 2018 Area 55 General Service Assembly

Henry C. presented his report as Delegate for Panel 68. First mentioned were the results of the June Intergroup dinner that was prepared and served by the Area 55 General Service. Thirty-two dinners were served, all food was used that was prepared and he wanted to thank Kristina L. from the Newsletter Committee for assistance in cleaning up after the meal. The $7.40 plan was presented to the body. Similar to the 7/27 plan in 2017, if every member of AA gave $7.40 to GSO, the office would be self-supporting for one year. Therefore we are asking all alcoholics in the fellowship to contribute $7.40 on 7/4/18 or if you cannot that specific day in the month of July. GSO received a letter outlining an offer to show the manuscript recently sold on a loan program within the AA Archives. Greg T., our GSO General Manager, wrote a letter to the new owners expressing gratitude, however our Archival policy does not allow us to exhibit items on loan from other parties. Henry received two letters he wished to share from the delegate in Puerto Rico. The first was to acknowledge receipt and thank the members of our area for the Spanish 12x12 books received. He was able to take them to the local prison and use them after the previous were destroyed by Hurricane Maria. The second letter expressed further gratitude and the happiness of the inmates to be able to doing a 12 step study within the prison with the receipt of the books provided. Henry then began his presentation of his report of the 68th General Service Conference. In consideration of the length of the material provided and also out of respect to the importance of the information our delegate provided the body the full report is not in these minutes. We have chosen to make the report available by visiting or please contact our delegate if you cannot access online to receive a copy of the report. He did however make one mention that by the right of decision he fought and voted for a pamphlet for the AA with Mental Illness and their sponsors. He did not want a portion of our fellowship to be forgotten because of another condition they may suffer from medically speaking. After the presentation of the report. He fielded any questions regarding the report. Several were regarding how no action was taken or how the decision was made to enter litigation in the beginning. He explained the legal ramifications if the conference chose to remove the trustees in place or dissolve the current GSO service board and the greater concerns that would arise by taking these actions. The trustees will whenever possible attempt to confer with the conference before taking action in the future when circumstances allow that to be done. John C., past delegate mentioned that each staff member at GSO is serving 14,000 alcoholics in the United States and Canada alone, along with those alcoholics in developing countries. Henry also explained that the 21 trustees chose on their first vote unanimously to take the action regarding the manuscript. Henry did explain that for legal reasons, information regarding litigation must be kept confidential and private between counsel and the parties involved. Finally it was mentioned that we are not a punitive organization, nor should we be punitive with the actions we take. Henry thanked the body for their support, Respectfully Submitted, Henry C. Panel 68, Area 55 Delegate.