Annual Delegate Report from General Service Conference

  1. 65th General Service Conference - April 19-25, 2015

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Monthly Area 55 Delegate's Report

Report from the January 15, 2017 Area 55 General Service Assembly

John thanked everyone for their hard work and said he and Henry are trying to get the Districts "re-lit." He wanted to thank all the DCMs and especially Kenneth T. for stepping up to be the DCM for District 1. John thinks we are the strongest Area in the state of Ohio and he thinks that officers need to be going out to groups in their Areas as he, Henry and Jim S. are doing. He reported that Jan. 26th he will be going to the Board weekend in New York and will be returning on Jan. 30th. John has a teleconference this evening with Bill F., our Regional Trustee. John brought up at the last State Conference Planning meeting that our Areas need to have better communication so that we are not scheduling events on top of one another. Bill W. said that our demise will come from within. We have to stand up for our principals of Unity and Singleness of Purpose. We have to have the courage to stand up for AA regardless of whether other people like it or not. Financially, contributions in 2016 were $5,467,833, this is 12.8% greater than what was budgeted. We have to look at our contributions as securing the future of AA. When it would take $7.82 or $7.85 from every member for us to be fully self-supporting, John thinks all of us can say that our drinking days cost more than that and what we have gotten in sobriety is worth much more than that. Of the over $600,000 that we received over budget, nearly $400,000 of that was from groups contributing that hadn't contributed before, nearly 1250 more groups contributed than had before. The amount per group contributing was about $200.00. Another way that we received additional contributions was individuals utilizing our online contribution program, nearly 500 people utilized this. One question John wanted us to think about was "What if there was no group?" Without the group, where would I be today? Tradition 1 is so vitally important! Lastly, John wanted to let us know that at our Mini-Conference, each participant acts as a "Delegate" for our Area. We go through the same process that John goes through when he goes to the General Service Conference in New York. He wanted to encourage us to get our groups to pay for our GSRs and Alternate GSRs to go to the Mini-Conference and encouraged us to bring our sponsees as well. Respectfully submitted, John C., Delegate