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Area 55 Archives Committee

Pursuant to our primary purpose of maintaining our sobriety and helping other alcoholics achieve sobriety, the Archives Committee preserves the legacy of Alcoholics Anonymous with an emphasis on A.A. in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan Area 55. This is accomplished by receiving, classifying, indexing and storing all relevant materials including but not limited to correspondence, convention programs, tape recordings, and literary works considered to have historical import to A.A. in Area 55 or A.A. as a whole. The Committee ensures A.A.'s history is preserved by making access to the materials possible, with a mindful view toward anonymity of our members.

Upon request the committee will also come to your A.A. groups anniversary or special event to set up The Area 55 Archives display.

We are always looking for individuals who wish to help in preserving our legacy. Specifically, we have the following needs:

Committee Meetings

Date/Time: Fourth Thursday of every month at 5:00 p.m.

Location: Central Office, 3328 Glanzman Rd., Toledo, Ohio

E-mail Archives Committee: Archives.Chair@area55aa.org